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Friday, April 13, 2007

Isn't it Spring yet?

Happy Friday! I wanted to take a pretty spring picture this afternoon and upload it before we went for dinner, just in time for Eye Candy Friday, but the weather today is not so spring-like and we're having a dinner guest/house guest, so that's probably not a realistic plan.

One of D's sisters is coming over (he's got 5 sisters). She's been vacationing in Florida, and will spend the weekend in Chicago before heading home to northern Ohio.

She probably thought it was safe to come back north in April. Ha. I hope she knew about the blecky, snow-on-the-spring-buds type of weather we've been having lately! We're going to enjoy her sunny disposition no matter what Old Man Winter is trying to pull. :)

Knitters, if you like to make socks, scamper like a bunny over to Alison's Blue Blog and sign up for a sock exchange pal. Due to high demand, as in 800+ knitters, the signups for Sockapalooza 4 are going to close early. Hurry, it's last call already:




Blogger La Cabeza Grande said...

I'm wondering about the delayed arrival of the season as well. I have some shoots coming up but fear the cold may stunt their growth.

Enjoy the weekend!

Karen B. (also signed up for SP4)

3:12 PM  
Blogger Navi said...

I already signed up! and see the bright side: more winter = more knitted items you can wear :)

2:28 AM  

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