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Thursday, June 21, 2007

You can't win them all

I'm an unusually lucky person, but it can't always go my way, can it?

Case in point. Yesterday I got a jump on packing for the long weekend and had everything ready to go before I went to work on Wednesday morning. As much as I think I know my little girl, I had no idea she was going to rummage around my toiletries and chomp into my brand new, just out of the box $40 tube of moisturizer. How could it have an enticing smell if I haven't even opened it once? When I found the cap on the floor, next to the nice rug, I was worried, but it turns out she was satisfied to just to wrestle off the cap. The little foil seal under the cap was intact and she never bit through the tube. Shewwwoo!

Then again, if you've been KIPing with me lately, you probably know I've been flirting with disaster by adding 3 repeats to my Swallowtail Shawl. The odds were pretty high that two skeins of sock yarn wouldn't be sufficient. Sure enough, my luck ran out, and I'm faced with a choice of now doing only 1 repeat of the Lily of the Valley border, or ripping out the 3 extra repeats and knitting the shawl as directed (2 repeats of the Lily border). The Lily border and the peaked edges are what make the shawl, no? So I'll be ripping on the plane ride to the Atlantic coast. Grrrr. See you in a few, unless there's good internet access in the Outer Banks.



Blogger Vicki Knitorious said...

We spent a week at the Outer Banks several years ago... it was gorgeous! Have fun with your family!!

9:09 AM  

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