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Friday, June 29, 2007

Eye Candy Friday

Honey bees at the Marsh house in coastal Washington, North Carolina.

The Marsh house was fired upon during the Civil War and is still sporting a cannonball (on the right, just above the first story windows).

The unnamed house next door also suffered the same fate (cannonball on the left, a bit above the first story windows):

Both of these homes are private residences or offices, but they are directly across the street from the North Carolina Estuarium, and an easy walk from the shops and restaurants on Washington's main drag.

We strolled here on Saturday after having a meal with all the family and friends that could attend my grandmother's memorial service. It was a gorgeous day and a nice send off for Grandma.

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Anonymous carolyn said...

that's way too close to a bee for comfort! i hope you were using a zoom!

6:06 PM  

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