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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

This and that

I managed to do a little bead work. I made these earrings from a pair of sterling silver earwires, headpins, and tear drop crystals. They're very simple and go with just about everything. I can really use a little bling after getting a new really short haircut. I think the materials cost about 8 bucks and took about 10 minutes to put together. I usually have a hard time getting my wire wraps symmetric, and this time was no exception.

I made this small mala a while back and have been using it for meditation. It's made of faceted agate beads, small spacing beads, silk beading cord, and part of a skein of cotton embroidery floss. It's sort of like a rosary, if you're familiar with that concept, but for saying mantras. Instead of counting or setting a timer, you can work your way from one end of the strand to the other, and back again, and then back the other way. The faceted agate have a nice cool feel.

I've also been trying to get new pictures for my masthead. What do you think? I'm not loving any of them, and the fig season is almost over, so I'll have another photo shoot really soon. I think the afternoon light was too low.

Tomorrow, though, I'm head to North Carolina to see my family. My mom has already flown over from Germany, and my big sister and little brother are en route from Florida. My little sister will be flying to Chicago in the morning, and I'll be joining her on the leg to Raleigh. I'm so excited about spending time with everyone!

I might not blog until I get back next week. I'm taking my Thai massage mat so that I can help the travelers unwind, and I kind of don't want to lug the laptop along too. Maybe I'll just take the cord for downloading photos from my digital, and see what happens at the B&B.

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Blogger Monika said...

Love the earring, and the mala is pretty and so much better than setting a timer! Have a great time with your family!

6:24 AM  
Blogger La Cabeza Grande said...

I really like your mala and the silver simplicity of the crystal earrings.

Enjoy your family time in Raleigh, Rachel!

1:02 PM  

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