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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

FO Report -- Solstice Hat w/Violet Lambs Pride

Question: What do you do when it's midday and your boyfriend says he wants to go visit his mom? And wants to leave in 20 minutes? And you haven't taken a shower or changed out of the sweat pants you slept in, because you've been cleaning the house and playing with the dog all morning? And you don't have a WIP for the car ride?

Answer: While the water heats up in the shower, grab the first pair of pants and shirt you can find that are clean and match (more or less), then raid the yarn stash for bits of bright violet Lamb's Pride wool and undyed mystery yarn, some circular 7s and 8s, and the Solstice Hat pattern written by Elizabeth Morriston primarily for people who are knitting for The Dulaan Project.

What you have by the time you get home: another hat for Dulaan.
This one in Lamb's Pride weighs 42 grams, while the one made from blueberry colored Paton's Classic Wool weighs 38 grams.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're amazing! How long was the car ride?

Love you!

11:15 AM  
Blogger Marianne said...

Oh, I'm with the Cella! Beautiful hat!
I've printed off the pattern as I've joined in Ryan's Brigade but won't be able to start until after the holidays...

12:43 PM  

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