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Thursday, October 12, 2006

FO Report -- Sock Wars Socks of Doom for 5 And A Beagle

After I killed off my first victim in Sock Wars, stringthing in
northern Kentucky, she sent me the socks she started for her victim:
stringthing suspected, however, that the yarn might run a little short, so first thing I did was throw her completed sock on the scale.

PDRM2648Sure enough, 100 grams of yarn was not going to be enough to finish the pair, and since the yarn came by mailorder from elann, a little improvising was going to be necessary.

The girls at the local yarn store helped me pick out a little more fire power.

Ta da, Peppermint Socks of Doom, which are currently in the hands of the Canadian postal service for blogger 5 And A Beagle in North Vancouver, B.C.: PDRM2668a
I think stringthing made a great choice! The peppermint yarn was nice to work
with and seemed like it would hold up well in the washing machine. It is still available at elann if you're interested in a pair of PSoD for yourself.
Yarn for one pair US womens shoe size 9: Main Color: Schoeller Stahl Micro Cable Color, color way 0002, 100% polyacryl, machine washable, 100 grams, a "chunky" weight yarn (78m per 50g skein) knit at DK gauge, 20 stitches/30 rows to 4"/10 cm. Source: elann.com. Contrasting Color: Steinbach Wolle, Supersport Effekt, color way 1, 80% wool, 20%
polyamid, machine washable, 100m/109y per 50g skein, used approximately one-third of a skein. Source: local yarn store.

Needles: US size 4, 3.5 mm.

The last time I looked at the statistics for Sock Wars, I was one about 250 remaining from the original 773 knitters that entered.

I have a feeling though, that waging Sock Wars in a distant land will be perilous to my health.



Anonymous Marianne said...

Whoa, good save! Continued good luck to you!

3:07 PM  
Blogger stringthing said...

they look better your way sorry you had to do it though

3:24 PM  
Blogger CjSachiko said...

Way to work out a potential problem with your "weapon." I don't normally go for red, but those socks are cute!

10:03 AM  

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