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Friday, February 16, 2007

Eye Candy Friday

A better picture of Ketel:

I was in a hurry yesterday and didn't mention that Ketel is D's cousin's dog, and that she's staying with us while the cousin and his wife are skiing in Vail. They've called us every day to check on their baby! Not to worry guys, she and Lib are still having a ball.

It wasn't easy capturing her in a moment of rest. Even when I told her she had to stay on her bed, she kept flopping around, trying to entice me or Lib into a game.
Lib, being the sedate 7 year old, prefers lounging most of the time, but there's been a lot of this going on:
Lib's going to be all ti ti by the end of Ketel's visit.

Hey, is it just me, or does Ketel resemble Gerhart Schmidbauer (pictured on the upper right in this link)?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, I don't think there is a resemblence, but that is a fantastic link! What cute dogs! That second picture great. Looks like someone is enjoying herself while Mom and Dad are on vacation.

10:25 AM  

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