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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Quick Project

I made this fresh cranberry garland for our door wreath in about an hour. If Martha saw this, she would probably snicker up her sleeve, but I'm happy to have a quick project that added color to our holiday decor.

It's about 9 feet/2.75 meters long, which is just enough to tuck into a large wreath or drape along the mantle with some pine bough roping. It would take quite a few of these to decorate a Christmas tree.

I used a sharp needle, some red sewing thread doubled, about 1 pound of cranberries (a whole plastic "clamshell" of berries from the grocery store), and 2 short pieces of red ribbon.

I used the short piece of ribbon as the first and last item on the thread, and when all the berries were attached and the thread knotted off, I tied a bow in each piece of ribbon. If you omit the ribbon, you'll have to make a huge knot at each end, which is a little awkward when the berries are sliding around on the thread and the strand is trying to twist upon itself.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your cranberry garland! What a beautiful and quick project.

I'm curious to see how you solve the rolling problem on your scarf. It is so lovely - I hope you can figure something out!

See you Sun. at Arcadia??

9:36 AM  
Anonymous Mary said...

Fantastic idea!! I may totally steal it...though all cranberry credit will be delivered straight to Sweet Figs!

5:37 PM  

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