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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Move it along, there's nothing much to look at here

After a recent spate of Deadline Knitting, I'm free to start some new projects!

About two months ago I was ready to start my mother's red shawl, but the German instructions were kicking my butt. Then I got word that my grandmother in Florida was ill, so I started the much easier Red Scarf for OFA. Then I had to whip out some Socks of Doom or die in Sock Wars. Next up, another deadline for the International Tote Swap II. Shwooo!

So here I am on November 1st, back to my mother's red shawl. Thanks to Bonn blogger Sibylle, I've got an English translation of the shawl instructions. So far there's just some swatching and frogging going on since I'm substituting red Lang Fantomas for the Kidlana (my mom didn't like Kidlana's fuzziness).

I'm also swatching and frogging for a gift knit with some teal Karabella Aurora 8. This stuff is perfect for cables.

And I needed an easy project for commuting and KIP, so I'm working with a tried-and-true pattern and some stunning orchid pink Cascade 220.

Anyone care to guess at what that pink WIP is going to be?PDRM2932

Sorry for the lousy picture. Like I said at the beginning, I've got nothing much to show today. Why don't you go check out Sibylle's blog? She usually posts in both German and English, so feel free to say hallo or hello.


Blogger La Cabeza Grande said...

Hmm. The front of a mock turtle neck? A sweater for Libby? Or a neck warmer, perhaps?

BTW, What's your email addy, Miss R?

10:40 AM  

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