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Monday, October 16, 2006

FO Report -- Red Scarf

Over the weekend I finished this scarf for a college student I haven't met yet.
PDRM2729 Come back later for better pics.

This scarf will be part of the bundle of red scarves that Chicago KIP'ers are sending in January 2007 to the Orphan Foundation of America for their Red Scarf project. It will make its way into a care package that an American college student will receive in February.

I will add a little note with the scarf, but if you're the recipient, please know that I'm wishing you the best! When I started this scarf, it was kind of impersonal, just something to do for the community and because Theresa asked. As it took shape and became something wearable, however, it became much more.

Pattern: Wavy Razor Shell Scarf, by Portland, Oregon blogger Casey/I Think I'm Gonna Purl Thank you, Casey.

Materials: South West Trading Company Bamboo (100% bamboo, 100 grams / 250 yards per ball), 2 balls in Red, color 521. Final weight of scarf: 131 grams. 6 x 68 inches (15.5 x 172 cm). This bamboo yarn is a wonderful choice for lightweight tanks and scarfs.

Modifications: Instead of using US #5 or #6 needles with wool yarn, I used US #4 (3.50 mm). To compensate for the smaller needles and drapey yarn, I added 8 stitches to the pattern. There are four panels in the scarf, so I added 1 stitch to the left and right of the centered decreases. E.g., in the first and last panels, instead of (k2, centered decrease, k2) I did (k3, centered decrease, k3).

Other news: It's official, the peppermint socks have assasinated 5 And A Beagle in Sock Wars. Last I looked, there were 222 knitters left out of the 773 original entrants.



Anonymous Marianne said...

That scarf is lovely, it's nice all the good feelings that can go into a knitted item, hopefully your recipient will feel them.

11:44 AM  

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