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Saturday, September 09, 2006

My KSKS package has arrived!

Aren't I lucky! I got the most wonderful package from my Knit Sock Kit Swap partner!
I now have the cutest little bag to carry around my sock WIP. It's just the right size for tucking under my arm, and it's crocheted, which is just perfect since I'm not so good at the crocheting myself.

My partner also picked out the most beautiful shade of purple sock yarn and included a pattern that's been on my wish list. I'm all set!

But wait, there's more. She very thoughtfully included all the tools I need -- a new pair of DPs, a tapestry needle, and some super sharp scissors.

Plus, a lucious limon/lime candle, some cookies, AND CHOCOLATE. Dark chocolate no less. Um, ok, so there was more dark chocolate when the package arrived, but something happened to it on the way home from the post office.

Love it, love it all! OK, KSKS partner, mwaaah and thank you, you are the best! But who are you? The package was sent anonymously. Don't keep me guessing!


Blogger Angela said...

I'm glad you loved it and that you have a blog!

7:14 PM  

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