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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Gimme Your Stuff!

A lot of great food and beverage companies make their home in Chicago. Some of my favorite corporate residents are Intelligentsia coffee and Blommer chocolate.

Intelligentsia is sold in my neighborhood grocery store, but I sometimes make a special trip to the Intelligentsia coffee shop because the place smells so great and they sell beans that were roasted like yesterday.

And if you've ever been in downtown Chicago and thought the air smelled like ... chocolate ... well, it does, thanks to Blommer! Their Chicago factory is located just northwest of Chicago's Loop. It's fun to step off the bus or train in that part of town and realize that it's bean roasting day at Blommer. Ahhhhh.

I'd love to share some of these Chicago goodies with a Gimme Your Stuff! participant. I'm offering to send some locally-roasted coffee beans and chocolate, and would like to receive some loose tea or drink mix and some cookies. Send me an email!


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