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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Never enough time

Been too busy to post lately.

No time to post on Monday night, when I went fabric shopping for my secret swap partner in the Knit Sock Kit Swap She wants to walk & knit at the same time, so I settled on a small messenger bag. I found the perfect fabrics for her (I hope), even though I am still working out the cpnstruction details. I might add a compartment that will protect the yarn from keys or other stuff she carries. Once I finish the design, I'll go back to the store for grommets or zippers or whatever.

Didn't post on Tuesday night, when we went to visit Mr. SweetFigs mom. She's 85 and she's starting to slow down. There's a bunch of stairs in the house she raised 7 kids in, and lately she's been stumbling a little bit, picking up scrapes and bruises, so she's giving serious thought to moving into a retirement community. She knows Home Sweet Home will probably be demolished by a real estate developer, so that makes the decision to leave all the harder.

On a lighter note, we're headed out of town again. We'll be in the U.P. for a long weekend with about a dozen old friends. There will be adults, kids, and dogs everywhere and I'm so excited! I've always enjoyed this annual trip, but this is the first time I won't be struggling with the weight of crushing pain. I woke up this morning feeling great and crowing about it! Mr. SweetFigs was a little apprehensive about getting through the work day, but he'll come around by the time we're on the road.

When I get back I'll have time to figure out this photo hosting thing. :) Here's a couple more from Dolly Varden.


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