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Friday, July 07, 2006

More Flora

Finished the 2nd Jaywalker heel last night.

It's a little windy on the lake this morning, so I grabbed the camera and took the dog for a walk along the road. The neighbors and their dog were also out, doing a 3 mile power walk.

We saw lots of foxgloves.

some yarrow, and some wild hemlock:
The neighbor said she once mistook the wild hemlock for a carrot and took a nibble but it didn't taste much like carrot so she took it home for identification.

Good thing she stopped eating it -- it's the stuff that killed Socrates.

It's also time for the ramps, which are also known as wild leeks, to flower. Ramp flowers look like oversized clover flowers, but the stalks are stiffer and they smell like garlic.

The wind has picked up even more, so we might be taking a day hike in the Sylvania Wilderness, if I can get Mr. Sweetfigs off the computer.

Edited to add that we took our day hike, then a dip in the lake, where we decided to head home ASAP. We closed up the house in about 1/2 hour and hit the road.


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