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Friday, July 21, 2006


I've made some progress on my first pair of Jaywalkers.

I wanted to avoid color pooling in the heel, so I found a shade of Louet Sales Gems Merino that closely matched the base color of my self-striping yarn.

The heel on the left is a short rowed garter stitch heel a la Lucy Neatby. It's a great heel design, but I decided the garter stitch didn't look right with this yarn combo, so I ripped it out and did the heel on the right.

The new heel on the right is a short rowed stockinette heel based on instructions from Priscilla Gibson-Roberts.

Here's a picture of the stockinette heel in progress. You can see the pairs of wraps & stitches, just before I turn the heel. There are 84 stitches in the sock, 42 stitches in the heel, and I wrapped all but 8 of the heel stitches.

It's very easy to work this PGR heel, since like all knitting it's just a step-by-step process, but it's a little tricky to get the tension right.

I have to really tighten up the wrap before proceeding to the next stitch. If the stitches don't bunch up into these little pairs, the tension is too loose.


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